An Exclusive New Range of

An Exclusive New Range of Hippeastrum

We are always trying to find new and improved Hippeastrum varieties in a multitude of colours

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Aurora is a charming sonatini, chirpy and captivating variety that features frilly petals in a light peach colour with a yellow hue. 


This dazzling striped symphony variety has gorgeous glistening blooms. The perfect proud petals of this symphony are red with white stripes and a green throat.


Mojito is a stylish, radiant sonatini variety that features sharp, elegant red blooms with white stripes that go to the tip of each petal.


90/10 is an artistic, detailed and dainty masterpiece. This speckled pink variety has defining white stripes that are outlined with meticulous red lines.


This unique symphony variety has powerful white petals with dark pink veins that create a fantastic freckled effect. This unusual varieties bountiful blooms are a true centrepiece.


This sensational deep red symphony variety brings festive cheer straight to your home. The deep red colour contrasts perfectly with the green stripes that cut across the petals.


This perfectly rose pink sonatini princess has unmatched, simplistic beauty. This magnificent sonatini variety has a green/white throat .

Fire & Ice®

41/14 is a sparkling, brilliant red symphony variety. The blazing red blooms perch proudly on a strong tall stem and is truly beautiful. 


This animated, buoyant and lively variety is a brilliant bright pink with striking big blooms and a strong stem.



This wonderfully whimsical variety has attention grabbing lacy blooms. 

We have been making profound progress in creating new varieties so that with each coming year we will have at least 10 new introductions.

The new varieties for the next 10 years have already been produced and are being multiplied as we speak.

We can already see that each and every one of them will be strong, beautiful and proud growers.