About our Hippeastrum

Welcome to the exciting range of Hadeco® amaryllis.

As a result of having the world’s most intensive breeding programme we produce the best and widest assortment of hybrids. Breeding of the amaryllis is done according to techniques designed over many years to improve on existing styles of amaryllis as well as to create new and progressive types.

A lengthy list of attributes must be met in order for a new variety to advance and ultimately become a commercial variety available at retailers worldwide. These attributes ensure that a new cultivar meets the demands of the producer, grower, the retailer and ultimately the consumer.

After careful selection and years of diligent evaluation a new hybrid can enter the laboratory for tissue culture multiplication. The bulblets produced will spend their next few years being nurtured and raised, at first in greenhouses and later in open fields. Between each growing season the bulbs are checked and prepared to ensure that only the highest quality of plant material remains in production. After their final season the bulbs are healthy and full of flowers.

We constantly strive to improve on perfection and we pride ourselves not only in offering the highest quality possible but also in continuing to introduce exciting new developments.

Hadeco® amaryllis are unique and superior to all others, whether produced in the Northern or Southern hemisphere.

This is primarily for 5 reasons:

1. Best cultivars - Bred for Containers

Hadeco® has its own complete and exclusive range of cultivars, each and every one hybridised in-house by Hadeco®, specifically for pot culture. This in contrast to other producers, who all grow cultivars primarily bred for cut flower Production. Hadeco® has concentrated on evolving cultivars with shorter, stouter stems. These do not topple over and give the plants good proportional balance between size of pot, stem and blooms. 

Additionally, these cultivars tend to produce foliage together with the flower scapes, so further ensuring a fuller effect.
Blooms are well- shaped, full and balanced; as well as being long- lasting. A newly evolved hybrid undergoes strict evaluations for several years before it can be introduced into commercial production. Our varieties have all passed intensive testing and critique and are among the very best Hippeastrum cultivars in the world.

Hadeco® cultivars have been bred to grow rapidly, whilst ensuring full development of roots, stems and flowers. These amaryllis are the fastest growing, most reliable performers by far.

2. Natural Christmas Flowering

Hadeco® amaryllis flower naturally in the fields during October. It is healthy and beneficial to extend their dormancy by just a few months allowing natural, easy flowering for Christmas.

This also ensures a more even crop in the greenhouse. No forcing required, and a minimal amount of time in final production.

3. Focus on Quality and Health

Our cultivars are healthy, trouble-free to force and have excellent resistance to disease. This is a direct result of diligence employed throughout all processes leading to final delivery to our clients. This begins with careful pairing of healthy parents in creating new hybrids.

Then the selection and evaluation of new varieties includes guidelines to ensure only strong and vigorous cultivars enter multiplication. During subsequent years production is carefully monitored and controlled to retain only the healthiest of clones and provide them with conditions that ensure they perform to their best potential.

At Hadeco® we still favour traditional work methods for amaryllis, as available machines have yet to meet our strict criteria. Each young bulb is planted individually by hand. Careful washing, followed by Hadeco’s unique curing system in specially constructed chambers, ensures healthy bulbs of the highest possible quality.

By the time a mature bulb leaves our premises it has passed through human hands nine times as an individual bulb.

4. Prolific Performance

Size for size, Hadeco® bulbs will outperform any others as far as number of stems per bulb, number of blooms per stem and size of blooms is concerned. This is a result of our breeding principles and the intensely healthy conditions under which the bulbs are produced.

5. Experienced Handling

5. Experienced Handling

All aspects of our production and delivery are according to techniques that have been designed and developed over many years. All new techniques prior to introduction are carefully scrutinised and tested before being employed on our crops. We believe in supplying consistent quality season after season.

Hadeco® is the premier grower of amaryllis in the world. We supply healthy, clean bulbs with strong, well preserved root systems. Our bulbs have been well-nourished to ensure optimal results. Through constant ongoing hybridisation and innovation, we ensure a regular supply of new, superior introductions to the market place.

Pride in offering the highest quality possible is central to the Hadeco® philosophy and we look forward to continue introducing exciting new cultivars to you in the future. We look forward to exceeding your amaryllis expectations.

Yours sincerely,

Floris Barnhoorn 

Hadeco (Pty) Ltd.